Pet Temp Instant Thermometer

Pet Temp Instant Thermometer

The Pet-Temp® Instant Ear Thermometer is used by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide to quickly, easily and accurately monitor the health of companion animals. The Pet-Temp works by measuring heat waves from the ear drum region, which has been shown to be a ‘core’ temperature in both, humans and animals. This innovative thermometer works on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, ferrets and most companion animals. As it takes only one-second to measure temperature, the Pet-Temp gives pet owners the ability to immediately stay informed with changes in their pet’s health and make better decisions about when medical attention is needed. You may even save your pet’s life by using the Pet-Temp on a regular basis. Normal ear temperature of most companion animals is typically between 100.0 ºand 103.0ºF (37.8 º and 39.4ºC).

Pet Temp Instant Thermometer

In only one-second, the Pet-Temp measures an accurate brain temperature from the family pet. By monitoring your pet’s temperature, you will know when to take your Pet to the Vet!


Features And Benefits

  • Only Ear Thermometer Designed For Animals
  • Measures Heat From The Ear Canal Giving Accurate “Core” Body Temperature
  • Used By Thousands Of Veterinarians Daily
  • No More Messy Rectal Thermometers
  • Meets US And European Standards For Accuracy

Recommended For

  • Pet Owners
  • Groomers And Boarders
  • Working Dog Owners
  • Search & Rescue Personnel
  • Field Trial/Competitive Dog Owners

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